About Me

Hello, I’m Kymona Tracey. Who am I, you ask? I am a woman who never slows down and loves it. Yes… I am the energizer bunny’s sister! I just keep going and going (which is something that I am working on if you follow my weekly wishes on my blog). I am a single mother of two beautiful children who are 8 years apart. My 22-year-old son is a true self-made jock who plays every sport you can think of! He is off at college, learning how to be independent. My 13-year-old daughter is a real-life princess who loves anything crafty and girly and absolutely hates anything related to sports. Talk about yin and yang! …but I love it!!
Besides running from one activity to another with them, I work full time at a hospital (public health background), facilitate a reading group at work, teach high school students on the weekends, and have an immense love of learning new things. I’ve taken classes in photography, web design, knitting, scrapbooking, and card-making. I love them all; however, my true passion is card-making. I was introduced to card making back in 2004 and haven’t turned back since. I started out as a hobbyist, just making cards for family and friends. People were always ecstatic when they received a card from me. What they did not know was that it made me feel just as special to make a card for them. This passion pushed me into teaching card-making classes at work with a couple of coworkers who wanted to learn how to make projects for their families.
In September 2013, I made a big leap and created my blog, Kreative Kymona. Besides being a mom, I think that this has been one of my most rewarding accomplishments. Just being able to share with my world community makes life so worthwhile!


Papercrafting has been my world for the past 14 years. Things changed for me last year (2017) when my daughter and I took a couple of sewing classes at the Pinners Conference in Atlanta. I instantly fell in love with the fabric and the sewing machine. I love the feeling of creating projects that someone will call their own.

So, I now create cards, scrapbook pages, baby tethers, burp cloths, and bags!!


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your blog is awesome. And it seems your a busy woman and you’re in life and enjoy all you can. Your site is so positive and inspires me. I will follow you and I’m happy that you share all these great creations with the world. Thank you!

    • Hey Theres! Thank you so much for your kind comment!!
      I’m so glad that we’ve met. Yes, I’m so busy all the time its unbelievable but I love it. I love creating cards and things. I’m hoping to one day sell them.

  2. I just read your ‘about me’ section and WOW! You are one energetic, always giving individual – the kind of person who makes the world better simply by being in it! Your creativity, generosity, life-long learning for the purposes of sharing, is simply amazing, impressive and inspiring! So glad I took the time to find out who the amazing person is behind the scenes of this sparkling blog! You’ve added an abundance of sparkle to my day!
    ~c (*just me: c* from Alberta Canada)

    • Hello C from Alberta Canada!!! Thank you, Thank you so much for your wonderful words. You’ve made my day as well. It makes me feel good to share with people. I’m glad I was able to add some abundance of sparkle to your day!! Come back and visit me again and if you leave your blog info I will visit you too. I love getting to know new people.

  3. I felt a kindred spirit when I read your passionate biography. I used to be a single mum too, so hats off to you for being able to do so much and raise 2 kids at the same time! for I too am always throwing myself into new things, and one thing I love about card making is that there are so many techniques to learn!

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