My Weekly Wishes #2…Yayyy

Last week, I introduced everyone into my private life by listing my weekly wishes.  Its time to see if I’ve  accomplished them and to list my new wishes for this week.


Last Weeks Wishes #1 were:

1. To create a gratitude journal – I haven’t had a chance to start this.

2. To take a photography course – I register in a course that will start June 30.  I’m excited about this.  I will take all of you on this journey with me.

3. Set up an email newsletter on my blog – I haven’t completed this but I did start.

4. Set a date that my daughter will post on her blog – The date is Friday, that way both of us have time to sit and work on her blog.

5. Get some sleep – I’ve made a conscience effort to get to my bed before 12 midnight.  I want to bring that down to 10 but that might be a little hard.


This Weeks Wishes #2 are:




I was asked to participate in a creative blog hop and I have to stick to my deadlines.  This is a first for me so I’m so excited.  I want everything to go right!

I only have three wishes this week because my last wish is a big one for me.  I’m so excited, I’m getting things done and having fun doing it.

If you want to join in on the fun, you can either click the Weekly Wishes banner above or click here.  Hope to see you there.


11 thoughts on “My Weekly Wishes #2…Yayyy

    • Hey Elle, thanks for the encouragement!! I’m so impressed by your goals. Studying Korean!! Is it hard? I studied Spanish in high school and it was so hard for me. Now calligraphy sounds like fun!! I wouldn’t mind doing that. I would love to do a swap with you, if you have room for me. I think that would be cool too.

  1. Welcome to the party! Best wishes with your goals this week. A gratitude journal is so important, I don;t have one but it sounds like I should get on it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hey Kahleel thanks for stopping by. You should start a journal! I’ve viewed your blog and notice that you’ve travel a many places, all of that travel should be document!

  2. Yeah for you Kymona!!!!! I cannot wait for my blog to get up and running so that I can participate in the weekly wishes!!! Thank you for giving us a peek into your personal life.

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