Something New, Just For You!!

Hello everyone!!  I’m jumping in this evening to say oops, I’m sorry.  Let me explain.


I’m not sure if you know that I love Instagram.  Its my favorite social media outlet to work with. Its fun to use and since it a phone base application, it super easy to post and respond to people. It has become almost effortless to share what I’m doing.  Which, now has stopped me from sharing more here and I want to change that.

So here is what I will do, since I post everyday on Instagram all sorts of things. I will share the weeks worth of post here on the weekend so that all of you aren’t missing out on important information that you would miss if you aren’t on Instagram.

So why not start today!!

Did You Know Series

Here’s what I shared on Instagram this week {2/14/2016 to 2/19/2016}: I started a new series called Did You Know?  I love sharing information about the different supplies that I use and thought all you would like to get some quick tips and info on that particular product.

Take a look at what I shared:

Did You Know 1:

did you know 1

Did you know Tombow carries Fastener Tabs? Yes, they do!! What are Fastener Tabs you ask? They are ultra thin hooks & loop pre-paired fasteners that leave no bumps or lumps on your finished projects!

They are super easy to use and can be cut to any size. They are ideal for re-sealing gift bags, cards, envelopes, folders and/or any simple papercraft project with a closure!

I used them to seal up my mini gift bags! No ribbon needed!

Any questions?

Did You Know 2:

Did you know 2

Hey, did you know that this little handheld @xyroninc Sticker Maker could turn pretty much anything into a sticker! Yes, it sure can!! This isn’t a new tool, I’ve had it for a long time. My original one is orange, this pretty purple one belongs to my daughter!

Here are some of its features:

 √ It’s handheld and refillable.
 √ The tape measures 1.5 inches wide.
 √ The tape comes either permanent or repositionable.
 √ It applies adhesive edge to edge for great coverage.
 √ No messy clean up.

My daughter, nieces and I love using this tool for its easy access. I don’t have to worry about them making a mess with glue or wasting the tape runners. Such a great way to get them involved in crafting!

Any question?

Did you know 3:

Did you know 3

Today, I’m going to talk about the NEW Thermoweb Deco Foil Adhesive Pen! I had the privilege of sitting in on the Thermoweb class at CHA and was introduced to this amazing pen and fell in love!! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to play some more!!

Here’s what I like:
☀️ It’s a permanent adhesive in the foam of a pen, that allows you to add foil to any project.
☀️ It’s easy to use and the flow of liquid is even.
☀️ You can use it with a stencil or draw and write with it freehand.

☀️ The big WOW is: you don’t need a laminator or Minc to transfer the foil!! You can use your die cutting machine!!!! Just place it in between your plates and the pressure from the machine does the work for you!!! That’s what sold me!!

So, for those of you who don’t have a Laminator, Minc or Laser Printer you can still achieve foiling on your projects!!

Any questions??

Brush Lettering

Next up is my new love for Brush Lettering!!  Since the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to really practice my brush lettering and I have!!

Brushlettering Notebook

I created a travel notebook that I could carry everyone and practice my brush lettering skills.




Did you know there are all sorts of different strokes that form the letters?  There is.  You can see a good number of them here in these photos.  I love this and love seeing my growth.


I love coming home to mail, especial crafty mail.  Take a look:

Happymail 3

I ordered this bag for my daughter.  A fellow Instagram Jess made this bag for her.

happymail 5

I ordered this for my One Little Word 2016 album.  They are from Get To Workbook.

happymail 6

I ordered these pens and adhesive from Tombow.  I love these brush pens.  I’m thinking of getting some more as I type this post, LOL!


Here is the fantastic Deco Foil pen!!  I was super happy to receive this bundle of joy!


I saw these Prima Watercolors at CHA and can’t wait to play with them.  I will post my review.


My coworker dropped this awesome box off at my office.  He won it while on a talk show and had no clue what to do with it.  He knew I would so I got it!! Totally Swoon!!

Right At Home Sending Love Swap

We were instructed to send 4 things to our partners

♦ Something you made – a set of cards
♦ Something that’s cute – a ball of yarn
♦ Something you love – a mug
♦ Something that’s sweet – chocolate & peppermint

Take a look at what I put together for my swap partner:


Super cute and I can’t wait for Paula to get this awesome package in the mail.

Ok, I think I’ve recap everything but my cards since you see those here.

I hope you liked this recap and want to see more.

Thanks for stopping by!


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