Learning Brushlettering

Hello everyone!!  I’m here today today to share with you my Brush-lettering journey.

I decided back in January that I wanted to learn Calligraphy and I started with Brush-lettering.  I have to admit, I’m having so much fun!! Really, I am.  It take a lot of discipline and I learning to have that trait.

I’ve always struggled with handwriting and thought this would help me to improve that.  Is that backwards or what. In any case, this is apart of my moving {forward} movement!!

Are you ready to see my journey?

Lets start with all of the items I use on this process:

My supply lists:

  1. HP Premium Choice Laser Paper, Smooth 32lb Paper
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, Soft Tip, Black
  3. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, Hard Tip, Black
  4. Copperplate Practice Paper 

My online learning resources:

  1. Sharisse from Blog: Pieces Calligraphy, Instagram: @piecescalligraphy, Periscope: @piecescalligraphy
  2. Nina Tran from Blog: Anintran, Instagram: @anintran Periscope: @anintran

I love both of these ladies!!  They are very helpful and supportive.  Follow their blog as well as their Instagram and Periscope accounts.  I love watching their drills.

Thanks to Sharisse from Pieces Calligraphy, she introduced me to another resource:

  1. Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Manuel

I also created my own book out of the practice sheets and my We R Memory Keepers Cinch.

My book

I’ve also tried these pens as well:

  1. Sharpie Brush Tip Pens
  2. Koi Watercolor Brush Pens
  3. Tombow Brush Markers

I love working with these brushes but I need more practice forming my letters before I venture out with these bigger brushes.

Now take a look at my process:

Note: The sheets you see in these photos are sheets I printed from Printable Paper before I was advised to get the pages with the slates. 


Thick and thin strokes

stroke 4

Entrance Strokes and some letters


Some letters but no direction (LOL)

stroke 2

Learning about the Cap-line, X-line, Base-line, and the Decender-line

stroke 5

Underturn Stroke and combine the Entrance stroke with the Underturn stroke

stroke 6

Compound Curve

stroke 7

Letter using the Entrance stroke, Overturn stroke, and the Underturn stroke

stroke 10

Letters on the slated lines, much better

Stroke 9

Stem Loop

I see my improvement, can you? I have a lot more pictures but didn’t want to bombard you with all of them.

Here’s a video of my lettering:

I’m having fun doing this!! I can’t wait to see how much more I will improve!!  I hope you follow me on this journey.


HP PaperFudenosuke softFudenosuke Hardvitolovideoscript Mastering Copperplate

Koi watercolor brushesSharpie Brush markersTombow Brush Markers

Thank you for stopping by!



5 thoughts on “Learning Brushlettering

  1. This is a great post! I’ve been meaning to make my own book ever since you shared yours on IG. It’s so smart that you’ve been dating your practice pages so you can see your progress and look back at how much you’ve improved. I need to do that! (btw, this is @4savvytravelers from Instagram)

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