Week One of the 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Hello everyone!!  I can’t believe one week has past since Kathy’s The Daily Marker Coloring Challenge began.

I’m so excited to share my weeks worth of coloring! For this challenge I’m using Adornit Art Play Paintables, Prisma Coloring Pencils and Gamsol!

I’m having so much coloring and experiment with colors.  This has been a big fear for me for awhile but not any more.

Lets take a look:

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three:


Day Four:


Day Five:


Day Six:


Day Seven:


I had so much fun this past week. Coloring is so relaxing. My fear of color is slowly going away with my continuous practice.  With this challenge, I get to mix and play with different colors with no fear of missing up.

I absolutely love this paintables.  They are easy to color and so convinent.  Once I have them cut down to size, I walk around with them in this pouch below!


Supplies used:

Thank you so much for stopping by!!


4 thoughts on “Week One of the 30 Day Coloring Challenge

    • Thank you so much Morning Scrapper!! No questions is a silly question. Gamsol is an oderless mineral spirits that essentially melts the pencil lines and erases thee grainy look they often leave. It allows the coloring to look like you watercolored it. Painters use it on their oil painting to thin out the color. You can also use it to clean up, brushes, palettes, palette knives.

      • Thank you for answering my question so clearly. I would have completely by passed this helpful little bottle of magic. Another question, do you brush it on after or dip the pencils in as you go? I am sorry for all the questions, I am newbie. I love coloring but, my skills are not the best, never have been. I am feeling intimidated by all the coloring techniques emerging in the crafting world.

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