Embroidered Denim Tote Blank

Hello everyone!! February is here, and I’m pretty excited about it. There are so many things happening this month. It’s Black History Month, Valentine’s Day is in a couple of days, and it’s also National Embroidery Month.

I have so many projects in store for this month. Today, I’m sharing my brand new embroidered denim tote. It looks so cute, and it’s pretty simple to do.

Take a look at my Embroidered Denim Tote:

Live in the Moment: Finished Product

Embroidery adds character to any simple item. I love the white on dark blue.

Here’s what you need:


Live in the Moment File
White Isacord Thread
OESD Heavy Weight Tear Away Stabilizer
OESD Expert Embroidery Scissors
Dime Target Stickers
Denim Tote Blank
Embroidery Machine
Sewing Machine

Live in the Moment: Materials

Here’s how to make this denim tote:

Step one: Download the design

Download the design in the file format that your embroidery machine uses. I’m using my Ricoma EM1010, so I downloaded the DST file format.

Step two: Hoop the tote and stabilizer

This denim tote is perfect for this project because the side seams are open, so you can hoop it with ease.

To find the center, fold the tote in have on the long side and the short side and creased the seams.

Place a sticker where the two folds met.

Use the crease lines to line up the arrows on your hoop (in my case, the holes) to make sure the fabric is centered in the hoop.

Live in the Moment: Hoop the tote and stabilizer

Attach the hoop to the machine.

Step three: Export and set up the machine

Export and set up the machine to get ready to stitch the design.

Make sure the needle is positon right above the sticker to make sure it’s centered.

Trace out the design to make sure the presser foot will not hit the hoop.

Step four: Stitch out the design

Since this design was set up to use one color, press start, and the embroidery machine will do the rest.

Live in the Moment: Stitch out the design

Live in the Moment: Stitch out the design

Step Five: Unhoop and clean up the design

Now it’s time to unhoop the blank and clean it up.

Since it’s a tote, just take your time and tear the stabilizer around the design, leaving the stabilizer inside the design.

Cut the threads that you see.

Step Six: Sew the side seams

Iron the tote.

Turn the tote inside out and sew the side seams; remember to backstitch at the beginning.

Done! Your tote is ready to go.

Live in the Moment: Finished Product

This tote is perfect to give as a gift or keep as your own.

Supplies used:

There are some compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. 

Ricoma Embroidery Machine EM 1010    Bernina 570QE

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