How to Decorate a Pouch using Different Thread Weights

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to decorate a pouch using different weight threads.

When I first started sewing, I had no clue thread came in different weights. I thought all thread was the same until I was introduced to Aurifil.

What a game-changer!

Let’s look at my decorated pouch:

Decorate Pouch with Different Thread Weights: Finished Product

The flowers sewn onto the pouch are all created by the same color but in different weights.  Yes, the weight makes a difference.

I used four different weights when making this pouch. I used natural white (2021) in the following weights: 28 wt, 12 wt, 40 wt, and 50 wt.

Decorate Pouch with Different Thread Weights: Finished Product

Let’s explore some more:

28 wt (gray spool):

It’s the second heaviest weight thread that Auriful offers and is perfect for projects such as hand applique, blanket stitch, Machine embroidery, and quilting.

12 wt (red spool):

The heaviest weight thread Aurifil offers are perfect for hand embroidery, embellishments, Sashiko, and machine art quilting.

I love how thick this thread is. Perfect for Sashiko stitching which I love.

40 wt (green spool):

Is a slightly thicker weight and is used for sewing bags, garments topstitching, and machine applique. This is slowly becoming my favorite.

50 wt (orange spool):

This is my go thread for everything, which might change. It a strong and thin thread that is flat and leaves crisp seams. It’s used for almost everything, such as EPP, machine embroidery, whole cloth, mico quilting, and needle turn applique. I love how this thread sinks into the material.

After using all of these different weights, I now understand what they look like together and will let out and try them instead of always reaching for the 50 wt.

Decorate Pouch with Different Thread Weights: Finished Product

Stitching the design:

Decorate Pouch with Different Thread Weights: Materials

  1. Thread the top thread with one of the three threads: 12 wt, 28 wt, or 40 wt.
  2. Load the bobbin with the 50 wt thread.
  3. Decide on a decorative stitch that comes with your sewing machine. On the BERNINA 570 QE, I used decorative stitch 1108.
  4. With each new decorative stitch, I switch out the different weight threads.
  5. Once the stitching is completed, make the pouch.

Decorate Pouch with Different Thread Weights: Finished Product

Such an amazing layer of texture from the different thread weights. What is your favorite thread weight? What are you most comfortable using? Is there a weight that you would love to try? I would love to hear all about it.

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