Hexi Pillow Cushion Tutorial

Hello everyone!! Today I have a cute Hexi Pillow Cushion tutorial to share with all of you. The fun part is the fabric! It has Santa Claus on it {smile}!

Yes, Christmas in June! It’s time to get ready for all things Christmas.

Let’s take a look at my Hexi Pillow Cushion:

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Finish product

Are you tickled pink like me?  Look at that button. It’s made of fabric too. I had fun making this pillow, but the button is my favorite.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Finish product

Wait, I have another goody for you. One of these pillows is waterproof and stain-resistant. I created these pillows for my niece when she goes outside. She loves sitting on the front step, and my mother always tells her not to sit on the cold concrete, so I made her a pillow for that purpose.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: finished product

Before I share how I made the pillow waterproof and stain-resistant, let’s learn about this fabric collection.

Fabric Collection:

This fabric collection is called Warm Wishes by Simple Simon and Company for Riley Blake Designs. There are 21 prints full of snowmen, wrapped presents, candy canes, and more. It’s full of love and warmth that you get from family around the holiday.

Warm Wishes Fabric Collection

Here’s how to create the Hexi Pillow Cushion:


Note: Some of the links below contain affiliate links.

Warm Wishes Fabric
Creative Grid 60 Degree Triangle 8-1/2 in Quilt Ruler
Hobbs Poly-Down Batting
Sewing Machine
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl
Foam Brush
Dritz Cover Button Kit
Poly-Fill Beads
HeatnBond Pressing Paper

Step One: Cutting fabric

Cut 2 triangles from 3 different fabric prints.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Cutting the triangles

Step Two: Sew the triangles

Sew the first three triangles together, pressing the seam allowance to the dark fabric.

Repeat with the next three triangles.

Sew the two pieces together.

Step Three: Cut the batting

Place the hexi piece on top of a piece of batting and cut 2inch past the hexi piece on all four sides.

Step Four: Stitching the two pieces together

Stitch in the ditch for every triangle.

Stitch 1/4 inch from the center stitch on both sides.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: stitching the two pieces together

Hexi Pillow Cushion: stitching the two pieces together

Step Five: Trim the excess batting

Trim the excess batting from the entire piece.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: trimming the excess batting

Serge or zig-zag the edge for easy turning.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: trimming the excess batting

Step Six: Cut the back piece

Cut the back piece by laying the front panel on top.

Step 7: Sew the front and back together

With right sides together, sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave a 4-inch hole so you can add the poly-fill beads.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Stitch the front and back together

Step 8: Turn and Fill with Poly-Fill Beads

Turn the fabric inside out and use a point turner to push out the corners.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl

Fill the fabric with the poly-fill beads. Do not fill it up completely because you need to sew the edges and add the button.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Turn and fill with Poly-Fill Beads

Use your judgment on how much to add.

Step 9: Close the pillow

Stitch the pillow closed by hand or machine depending on the amount of filling you have inside the pillow.

Step 10: Adding the button

Use Dritz Cover Button Kit to make a fabric button.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Fabric Button Hexi Pillow Cushion: Fabric Button

Thread a long needle, push it in the center of the pillow from the back, and bring it out of the front.

Push the needle through the button notch and then back down the center of the pillow, pulling it from the back.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Adding a button

Pull the thread tight, tie a knot, and cut the threads, leaving an inch of thread.

Yay, you did it!

Hexi Pillow Cushion: finished product

Do you want to make your pillow waterproof and stain-resistant?

Here are the extra steps:

After step 6, protect your workstation with pressing paper.

Use a foam brush and apply a thin coat of HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl on the front and back pieces.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: Waterproof and Stain Resistant

Let it dry for 30-45 minutes.

Once the pieces dry, cover them with pressing paper and press on medium heat and no steam.

Hexi Pillow Cushion: HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl

Apply a second coat and repeat the steps above.

Once the second coat dries, start back at step 7 till the end.

Now you can sit outside on the concrete or grass with your new pillow.

Supplies used:


Warm Wishes Fabric Collection Bernina 570QE HeatnBond VinylPressing Paper

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