CASology: Show off your Craft Space!

Second Post for today
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Hello everyone!!  I’m here with CASology today!!  Shocker right!!  Well don’t be!  We have a fun new series taking place every Thursday and Friday from now until mid-November.

Its called the:   CASology Craft Space Tour Series

On Thursday and Friday, you will get a peek inside each of the Design Teams Craft Space!!!  How exciting.  Yesterday, was the first day and Kimberly really showcased her craft space and it’s amazing!!  If only my space could look as cozy as hers!!

Now onto my space:


So I’m not as fortunate as some of you with an actually craft room, I just have a corner.  This space is in my room, right under the TV.  There is were I sit and craft at 2am in the morning.  I have everything right at my finger tips.

On my desk to the far right under the gray cover is my Brother Scan and Cut and in front of that is a bin of cut cardstock.  On the left, behind the screen is my bins of pens and pencils that I need for everyday use.

Under the desk is a file cabinet that has color cardstock in the bottom draw and in the top draw I have washi tape, regular tape, stapler, scissors and other knick knacks!!


I have two of the Ikea carts filled with all of my fun favorite toys.  This one has all my markers, inks, embossing pastes and embossing powders.


The second cart is full with my tapes, sprays, embellishments, mini distress inks, stencils and the big box items on the bottom.


Shelves Under the Desk

Under my desk you will find a bin of dies that I have yet to file properly.  They are just in this bin and I know exactly what’s in there.  Dies from all companies!! LOL!  Next to that is black cardstock and stickers that I don’t use often.

Underneath that shelf, I have some miscellaneous stuff: a texture boutique, my banner punch board, 1-2-3 punch board, and some other things that I use every now and again.


Additional Storage

All of my “craft stuff” can’t fit by my desk so I have an additional space in my living room and basement that houses the rest of my belonging.


My living room is pretty big and it has this hug bay window so this is where I shoot most of my photos.  This area is usually a lot neater but I didn’t have time to clean it up but I also wanted you to see what it looks like while I’m using it.

The table by the window is what I take my pictures on and in the six drawers are all of my clear stamps.  I use this space to pack my packages, take my pictures, and its a place where my nieces, daughter and I craft together.  They love it.

I would show you the basement, but its under renovation. So we can’t go down there!!!  It would be a super nice craft space but the windows are super small and I need sunlight.

So this is my craft space and I love it!!  I hope you enjoyed this small piece of who I am!

Thanks you so much for stopping by!