Kreative Kymona Approved


Hello everyone!!  I’m so excited to be here today!!  I have some amazing news to share with all of you.  For the last 3 months, I’ve been super busy working on a special project called Kreative Kymona Approved!!

The idea came about when I was passed up for a promotion at work because my last name started with the letter “T”.  Are you serious?  Is this legal?  Total Foolishness to me.  I was so angry and hurt, how was this possible.  I picked up the phone to call Suzanne from So Suzy Stamps right away to vent to her.  She was just as blown away by this blatant disregard for my education, experience, seniority and the fact that I do my job well.

She asked me, “what are you going to do”? I said, “I want to craft and make it my full time job”.  Suzy then instructed me to get my notebook and answer a couple of questions about my crafting journey.  It was an intense process but I was able to sit an answer all of the questions without hesitation.  We brainstormed for an hour and I figured out that I love giving my opinion about the different “tools” we use in the crafting world.  The idea was born!!

Using the “T” for my last name – for tools, we came up with the “Golden T” Approved.  I was going to take my Did You Know Series and make it a bigger program.  Not only will consumers get all of the product information, they will know that this product was tested and approved to get the “Golden T” seal of Approval.

I was so excited, I forgot all about the promotion and started working on the Golden T program.  After working with a graphic designer, I decided to change the program name to Kreative Kymona Approved to stay consistent with my blogging name.  That is how this program began!!


So what is Kreative Kymona Approved?

Kreative Kymona Approved is a new product review program that will test the latest crafting products to help you, the consumer, make the smartest shopping choices and spend your money wisely!! Once the product is evaluated and passes, it will get the Kreative Kymona Approved seal of approval!!

How does a product earn the Kreative Kymona Approved seal of approval? 

A product will be evaluated by Kymona.  The evaluation will consist of a wide range of different criteria – from:

  1. Product quality
  2. Product safety
  3. Product pricing
  4. Product longevity
  5. Product functionality

What makes the Kreative Kymona Approved seal valuable to consumers?

In the craft world, there are so many products that make a great number of claims, Kreative Kymona Approved seal offers consumer the guidance they need to make smart purchases. Being a serious crafter as well, knowing what to look for is key.

Do all products featured on Kreative Kymona’s page have the Kreative Kymona Approved seal?

No, only those that have undergone the necessary evaluation will carry the seal of approval.  That doesn’t mean those products aren’t good, it just means its a product that doesn’t work for me.

Where will I find all of the Kreative Kymona Approved products?

Kreative Kymona Approved products will have it’s own page.  It’s still being set up at this time. I have several products that will be listed soon.

Who should I contact if I would like to submit a product for the Kreative Kymona Approved seal?

Please fill out the contact form that you will find here or at the top of this page.  Please provide the name and location of your company, the name and type of product you’d like to submit and your contact information.

What should I expect in a review?

  1. Information about the product.
  2. Tips for product use.
  3. How the product was tested.
  4. Pros and Cons

Who should I contact if I have a question?

Please use the contact me form the you can find here or at the top of the this page.