Did You Know Series – ETC Papers

Hello everyone!!  I’m so excited to be here today!!  I have some great news for all of you.

I have this series on Instagram called the “Did You Know Series”!  Its a series where I introduce my followers to new products that they may or may not know about.  I give them all of the information about the product, show them what they can do with the product and let them know where to find it.

I decided that I wanted to bring the series to my blog for those of you who aren’t on Instagram!!  Yayyyy!!

This is my first Did You Know Series for 2017 and I’m introducing ETC Papers!

ETC Papers is your source for speciality papers and other good stuff.  The speciality paper is actual Wood Paper! Yes, real wood!

Large sheets are carefully extracted from nature’s canvas, pressed into thin sheets and backed with an adhesive backing.  Then they are cut and packaged into fine products that you can use to create amazing products with!!

Take a look:


This wood paper is so pretty!!  Here are the names of the different wood papers above:

  1. White Birch Wood with Adhesive Backing
  2. Cherry Wood with Adhesive Backing
  3. White Rustic Birch Wood with Adhesive Backing
  4. Rustic Cherry Wood with Adhesive Backing

What can you do with this paper?

  • You can emboss this paper!! 


Check out all of that detail! The texture is amazing too!  When you rub your hand over each  butterflies, it makes you smile!

  • You can stamp on it!


It takes the ink so well! Nice and crisp!

  • You can die cut and punch holes! 


Die cutting this wood paper is as easy as die cutting regular card stock.
The hole was nice and clean after the punch.  The eyelet and washer didn’t ripe the backing.

  • You can color on it!


The color pencils went on so easy!  I was able to blend on the wood with no problem.

  • The wood takes the color of the backing!



The tag on the left has a black card stock backing and the tag on the right only has the adhesive back paper.  You can see the difference in the darkness and lightness of the tags.

  • You can letterpress the wood also!!


The wood paper didn’t break or separate when it when through the big shot with this letterpress plate.  It took on the ink with no problem and the ink did not bleed through.

  • It has an adhesive backing!


The adhesive backing is the highlight of this paper.  It makes it so easy to add the wood panel to the front of a card stock base.  It comes off with no tugging.


I folded the backing so that I could add the wood panel to the card stock without worrying if the panel is on straight. I lined the edges up and simple pulled the backing off to create a perfect wood card front.

  • Here’s the finished card!


Here are some other things you need to know when working with this wood paper:

  • You can cut it with your trimmer or scissors.
  • They come in different sizes; 8.5 x 11, 6 x 12, 12 x 12, 12 x 24
  • They have wood envelopes and wood tape.
  • The price per sheet is reasonable.

I had fun working with this paper and I recommend that you give it a try.  It’s a nice addition to your cardstock stash.  The recipient would be surprised to get a gift made with wood paper!!

Where can you buy this paper?

On the ETC Papers website!! You might also see them at Jo-Anns as the previous brand, ARC Papers.

So what do you think?  Let me know below!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!