Hello everyone!!  Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone is having a great day.  Its raining and no BBQ today for me.  Tomorrow is suppose to be much nicer. So I will BBQ then.

In the meantime, I have a couple of announcements.

1.  I created new cards but I haven’t had a chance to photograph them today.  I will try and get those up tomorrow.

2. I was featured on Paperie Designs’ Studio today.  I’m so excited about that.  Big shot out to Deepti of Dee’s Art Utopia for asking me and conducting the interview.

3. My daughter posted her 4th blog post today titled, Thank You So Much.  Take a look here.  It’s such a cute post.

4.  I received Honorable Mention from CASology on July 1st for my watercolor and woodgrain card.  Can you image how excited I am!!  You can see that post here.

5. I am working diligently on improving my photos so that I can set up my Etsy account.

I will see everyone tomorrow for my regular post!!

Thanks for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “Announcements!!!!

  1. Kymona, so lovely to find out a little more about you! When do you sleep again??? You must be the queen of time management, let alone card queen extraordinaire! Love your daughter’s blog too, and think that teacher gift is inspired! I am popping that idea in the back of my mind for future, that’s for sure!

    • Hey Hazel, lol, I’m trying to figure that out. I don’t get to bed until about 3am in the morning to be up at 6am. Its crazy. If I slow down, I think my body would go into shock, lol. Time management, LOL, I have stickies everywhere so I don’t forget anything. I have a couple of calenders that I write in but forget to look at. I’m not sure how I remember anything. Thank you so much for your wonderful words about my cards and my daughter’s blog. Yes, that little book was so cute. You must give it a try.

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