What’s In Your Bag?

Hello everyone!!  Kymona here with a super cool post for you, What’s In Your Bag?  A Bunkie Bag, I’m talking about!!  What is a Bunkie Bag you ask?  Bunkie Bags are these cute totes that hold your favorite craft supplies including the MISTI!!

Denise from Simply Charming Everyday creates the cutest bags you could every image.  She has so many different patterns that will melt your heart!!  Denise also accepts custom orders.  I’ve put in many request for patterns that were odd and she hasn’t let me down yet!!

So with out further-a-do, lets look at what’s in my bag:

Bag One:

This first Zip Pouch happens to be my favorite one of all times! It was a special order. That button is to die for!

It keeps all of my Ali Edwards Story kits.  It fits four kits at one time.  This allows me to see what I have to work with each month.  Once a kit is finished, the new kit goes in.  Nice and neat.

Bag Two:

This Christmas Bunkie Bag was being given away on So Suzy Stamp’s blog but I could not wait so I ordered one for myself. LOL!!

It keeps all of weaving looms and fibre from The Unusual Pear in Australia.  Everything fits so nice and neat. It’s so accessible when I’m on the train. Fits right in my lap, while I weave.

Bag Three:

This Arrow Bunkie Bag was a special request to go along with my OLW 2016 – Forward.

Whenever I travel, I pack all of my essential crafting supplies in this Bunkie Bag.  Awesome right! 

Wait, I also have the Zip Bag to match. 

 I can’t show what’s inside because I’m working on something special! More to come soon!

Bag Four:

This Purple Galaxy Zip Bag was created to match my shoulder bag and my ScanNCut cover.


All of my ADORNit ArtPlay Journal cards fit nice and neat in this little bag.  Its a grab and go type of bag.

See I told you I had a bunch of them.  So, now that you know what’s in my bags.  The question remains the same, what’s in your bag? Let me know below!

These Bunkie Bags and Zip Pouches can be found in So Suzy Stamps Store!!  Head on over and check out what’s available.  Don’t forget you can put in a special order if you don’t see one that jumps out at you!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Bag?

  1. LOVE this post!!!! I love all of my Bunkie Bags and I have a Tote that I plan on taking with me to Creativation this year. I use one of Zip Pouches for my Podcast equipment for interviews. I have a Bunkie for my favorite Copics. I have another one for taking with me to card classes with my supplies; scissors, tape, Mini Misti, Dimensionals, Pick Me Up and all that fun stuff.

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