Lets Talk About That Sharpener


Let’s Talk About This Sharpener!

I picked up this Kutsuwa Stad Angle Adjustable Sharpener yesterday from the Pencil Enterprise in the city and I have to admit I love it !

Here’s why:

1. It sharpens to 5 different pencil angles! The smallest (my favorite) is 1 and the tallest is 5!

2. It has a close feature. You can lock it, preventing things from going into the sharpener opening.

3. It comes in 5 different colors! Blue, Green, Black, Pink, and Orange!

4. It’s small in size so it’s easy to travel with! Just drop it in your bag and go!

5. The pencil trash is stored in a compartment in the back. You push and slide to empty!

6. It’s super cute!

If you are in the NYC area, stop on by Pencil Enterprise to pick up a blue one.

If not you can order them from Amazon  or from Jetpens!

Are you ready to talk about that sharpener? Any questions, let me know!

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