It’s A Crayola World Curtains

Hello everyone! I’m here today to show you my brand new It’s A Crayola World Curtains!

Yes, I made some curtains for my small craft space. The great thing about them is the color. They match the colors on my wall. They were so easy to make, I know for sure you can create some for yourself.

Let’s take a look at my curtains:

Finished curtains

I’m giddy with glee. Look at how cute they are.

Let’s talk about this fabric collection:


Five amazing fabric panels were inspired by nature and loaded with color. The amazing thing about these images, you will find Crayola® crayons blended into the artwork. It’s amazing. My sisters stopped by when I was working on the curtains; they were blown away by the crayons they spotted in the flowers.

This collection is the newest official licensed fabric line from Crayola®.

Here’s how to create these curtains:

curtain materials


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It’s a Crayola World fabric
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
Curtain Grommets

Step 1: Cut the panels

Cut the panels into two pieces. They measure 36 inches by the WOF.

cut the fabric

Step 2: Prepare the panels

Double hem three sides of the panel by a 1/2 inch.

double hem

For the top hem, fold the raw edge over a 1/2 inch and press. Fold 3 inches and press again.

Step 3: Sew the hems

Using the 10D# Edgestitch Bernina presser foot, sew on the panel’s right side as close to the folded edge.

sew on the right side

Repeat on all sides.

Step 4: Prepare the top edge for grommets

Measure the width of the fabric and multiply it by the number of grommets you want to use.

The grommet will be placed at 4.25, 8.50, 12.75, 17.25, 21.50, 25.75, and 30.25 inches.

equally measure grommets

equally measure grommets

Using the template that comes with the grommets, draw circles at the points above.

draw circles

Cut the circles out.

cut circles

Step 5: Adhering the grommets

adhering grommets

Place one side of the grommet underneath the circle and one on top.

adhere grommets

Snap the grommets into place.

adhere grommets

adhere grommets

Repeat for all of them.

Step 6: Finish the curtains

Press both curtains and snip any loss threads.

Done!! This is an afternoon project, and you can do it.

finished curtains

Now it’s your turn!

Supplies used:

  Bernina 570QE              
Thank you so much for stopping by!