How Do You Store Your We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch Board

Hello everyone!!  I’m here today with a question for all of you?  How do you store your We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch Board?  When I purchased up mine, I wasn’t sure how I was going to store it, especially since it came with so many moving pieces.

I called Denise, better know as Mama from Simply Charming Everyday!!  She creates the cutes bags and accessories using her sewing machine.  She is famous for her Bunkie Bags, MISTI bags, Big Totes and Pouches.

Bunkie Bags

I asked Mama if she could make me a special pouch for my new We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch Board and accessories.  She said YES, right away no hesitation.  I love this lady!!

She asked me to pick my fabric and I let her know she can go with the black and white polka-dot with a pink zipper to match my other bags.  I also told her it has to have her signature button on it.   She laugh and said no problem.

Lets take a look at my pouch:

Everything Pouch

I totally love how this pouch turned out.  It is the cutest thing in the world.  It holds my We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch and its accessories.

Lets take a closer look:

Everything Pouch

When you fist look at the pouch it looks very small.  You will wonder to yourself, how will all of these things fit in this petite bag.  Well hold on to your sit, because it will.

Everything Pouch

Take a look at the bag when you open it completely!!  Its huge inside.  I love how the zipper opens up so wide.  I can fit everything in without stretching the fabric.

Everything Pouch

Check it out!!!  Everything fits and there is room for more stuff!!  I love it.  Mama did an awesome job.

Lets take another look:

I love Mama’s signature button.  I ask for it every time she creates something for me.

Check out the pouch she created for my daughter:

Everything Pouch

So what do you think?  Isn’t this the cutest pouch you’ve seen.  I love that is totally hand sewn.  She makes all of these bags by hand.  She also creates custom items as well.

I’ve asked for:

  • a cover for my ScanNCut
  • a cover for my Typewriter
  • a cover for my daughter’s sewing machine.

Mama is totally accommodating and flexible.  I highly recommend her bags and expertise!!

You can find her on different social media outlets!

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Thank you so much for stop by!!