Copic Coloring for Card Making!!

Hello everyone!!!  I’m so excited today!!  My new Online Card Class started today.  Yayyyyyyyy!


I haven’t really used my Copic Markers since I became certified.  I was still intimated by them.  When I saw that this was the next class, I knew I had to take it.  My goal for this year is to master Copic Coloring.  That is what I’m working on!

To get ready for this class, I went out an bought a new set of markers.  Now I have 106 markers up from 30.  Now I have to have them all.  I also need to create a storage for them.

Copic Markers

So today is the first class and we learned soooo much.  We learned how to blend with two colors, three colors within a color family and we also learned to blend with colors outside the different color families.  Amazing!!

After class today, I was on the search for more markers.  So I found these and bought them too.

Copic Anniversary

Aren’t these pretty.  I get them tomorrow, one day shipping, Amazon!  Somebody please stop me!!

As soon I finished my practice sheets I will share some of my work. If you want to participate in the class it’s not to late.  Head on over to Online Card Classes and register.

Stay tuned for my Copic Coloring work!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “Copic Coloring for Card Making!!

  1. All the colors are so amazing! I didn’t like some of the colors in the sets so I’ve spent days researching different blogs and top colors most people use, and finally came up with 68 individual colors – and I still had more I wanted lol I just needed to set a limit. Can’t wait to receive mine, and I got such an amazing discount. Watching the videos for day 1 😀

  2. You need a Copic Intervention!!! I say if you can afford to buy them, then buy as many as you like, especially if your really enjoying the class. Always so good when you have the products to use after seeing the tutorials, gives you more of a chance of perfecting the technique. I’d say you will have every single colour by the end of the classes and I will know who to ask when I finally get the courage to buy some myself. Enjoy!!

    • Hey Shona!!! Yes, I do need an intervention. It crazy!! I have to wait now to get the rest of them. I do want all 300+ but I don’t want to go broke buying them. So no more for now. That would be nice if I could have them all before the end of the class, that would be nice. Yes, when you are ready to start coloring, let me know, I would love to help you.

  3. You are so very lucky to have gotten as many as you have – I don’t own a single one!! But that is ok because I, too, am intimidated by them! I will need lots of lessons is using them so we will have to see when I will jump on the copic wagon!! I am just so happy for you that you have the markers you have and that you are learning to me a master with them!! Good luck, I will be rooting for you!!

  4. Love your energy 😀 I came across your blog and need to check it out more. For some reason my creativity faded when I was dealing with some things from my past. I’ve never experienced anything like a ‘lack’ of ideas…it made me realize how much I loved that outlet. What I have found is a new found zest for anything creative. I can’t believe I have never heard of copic markers…and oh my…I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!! I got a taste and now…it’s so on!

    Thanks for doing what you do and sharing your creativity.

    • Hey Sophie!!! Nice to meet you! I’m glad your here. Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it!! I’m so glad you found something to bring you joy again!! Copies are awesome!! You will love them!!

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