More Exciting News!!!

Hello everyone!!  I’m here today with some super-doper exciting new to share with you.

I made it on the CASology Design Team!!!!


Can you say back flips!!

When Melissa sent me the email, I was on the train going home from a long day at work.

I remember reading the email and screaming with excitement.

Everyone on the train was wondering what was going on.  I couldn’t contain myself.

For those of you how know me, know that I play along with CASology all the time.

Some times at the 11th hour!!  So to now be apart of the team you can imagine how I feel!

Wait, I have more!!

When I found out that Hazel from Hazel’s Paper Designs made the team with me, I was even more excited.

Hazel and I meet while playing along with the CASology Challenges.

Yayyyyyy, Hazel!!

Stop by her blog and welcome her as well!!

So this came full circle for me!

I can’t wait to see all of you over on the CASology Blog for my First Challenge January 6, 2015!!

See you in the New Year!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!




26 thoughts on “More Exciting News!!!

  1. You are such a sweetheart Kymona! Thanks so much for the shout-out! It’s going to be a fun year! I am so looking forward to all your creations, as usual!! You are on a roll, girl! Happy New Year! Xxx

  2. Congratulations to you!!! I love your enthusiasm…I stopped by to thank you for your recent visit to my blog and saw your announcement. Your happiness leaves me smiling. Congratulations again and I look forward to seeing your creations as we begin a New Year!

  3. Congrats Kymona!! Looks like I will be sing LOTS of your creativity, YAY!! So glad that you are joining us on the team. What fun it will be!!!

  4. Oh my goodness – can you hear my happy squeals, and cries of delight from where you are!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU – so many good things happening for you and I just think the world of you and wish you all the VERY BEST!!! I know you will rock all these gigs that you have going!!! Much love and many hugs to you!!!!!

  5. A very warm welcome to you, Kymona! You are a very talented designer and it’s going to be wonderful to have you designing with us as we head into 2015!
    Wishing you a very happy and fulfilling year!

  6. I’m so happy for you, Kymona! I know you are a dedicated CASology fan, along with Hazel, so it’s exciting that you made the Team together!! It’s going to be wonderful for the rest of the talented Team to have you on board and for all of us players to see what you design!! Hugs, Darnell

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