Ink Blending Tool vs. Clarity Brushes

Hello everyone!!  I here with a post that is quite different then my other card post.

On Instagram, I love giving my opinion on the different tools that I own and use.  So, that way my followers would be more informed about the products they see and want but aren’t sure if they should step out on that limb.

So this morning, I posted this picture:

ink blending 2

I was simply sharing an upcoming project that isn’t due to release until April 1st.

Then a good friend of mines asked me to do a comparison between these Ink Blending Tools and the new Clarity Brushes.

I agree to do it so here you go:


Here are my finding:

Round Blending Tool:

  1. Blends the colors well with good pressure.
  2. To keep from having harsh lines, you have to tap off first or start adding color off of the paper.
  3. Snags on the stencils that are intricate.
  4. Easy and small enough to hold.
  5. You can use one tool with different sponge (extra cost).
  6. The cost of the blending tool is $8.17 and it comes with two handles and four sponges.
  7. The additional sponges are $8.36.
  8. When blending, the color didn’t transfer into the sponge.
  9. Due to the shape of the blending tool, you have to mask off areas you don’t want color to appear.

Clarity Brushes:

  1. Blends the colors well with little pressure.
  2. No need to tap off or start adding color off the paper, the brushes doesn’t create harsh lines.
  3. Does not snag on the stencils that are intricate.
  4. Easy to hold, but brushes are tall.
  5. They come in four different sizes.
  6. You can use one brush for each color family (no additional cost).
  7. The cost of the brushes are $25.00 for four.
  8. When blending, the color didn’t transfer onto the brush.
  9. The tip of the brush is small enough for you to add and blend colors where you want them without masking off.

Note: Take a look at the outer circles of both cards. The blending tool added color to the outer circle on the card to the left because I didn’t mask off. The clarity brush didn’t add color to the outer circles because I have control over where the color goes due to the tip!

I like them both, but the brushes are easier to use with less elbow grease. I have two sets one for each color family. No need to buy anything extra.

So what do you think? I hope this comparison was helpful to all of you.  If you wanted to see what some to my Instagram followers were saying you can check it here.


Clarity Brushes Blending tool

Thanks for stopping by!!


7 thoughts on “Ink Blending Tool vs. Clarity Brushes

  1. Hi Kymona ~ Thanks for the comparison….I’ve been curious about how they handle and this has been so helpful and informative! Thanks for taking the tine to share with us! ~HUGS~

  2. Thanks so much for the comparison, I have been wondering whether to invest in the brushes or not. Now that you have used them a while do you have a preference between the brushes or ink blending tools?

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