The Ton’s Spring 2018 Release Blog Hop

Hello everyone!!!  I’m so excited today!!  Do you want to know why? It’s my BIRTHDAY and The Ton Spring 2018 Release Blog Hop is underway and it’s amazing.

If you arrived here from The Ton blog then you are on the right track. If you arrived here on your own, you will want to start at the beginning, The Ton blog, as to not miss any of the amazing projects!

The Ton has 14 new stamps, coordinating dies and 5 standalone dies for their new Spring 2018 Release which includes up to two free gifts with purchases (GWP). For more information on The Ton’s incentive gifts, head over to The Ton’s blog. New release products can be purchased now and all new release orders will begin to ship on Monday, April 9.

Let’s jump in:

Beautiful Bettas

Since its my BIRTHDAY today, I created a clean and simple birthday card for myself!! LOL!!

I used The Ton Beautiful Bettas stamp set to create this card, which was complete in 3-4 steps.

Here’s how to create this card:

Cut the cardstock to 4 x 8, scored at 4.

Stamp the images using Altenew Ruby Red and Coral Berry ink.  Mix the colors to give the bettas a dual color look.

Use a MISTI to stamp the sentiment in Altenew Permanent Black ink.

Round the top left and bottom right corner.


Giveaway Time:

Three new release stamps will be given away to random commenters from the hop participant blogs. To qualify, you must leave a comment on The Ton Blog Hop post. The comment period will close on Friday, April 6 at 5pm. Winners will be announced thereafter on The Ton’s blog.

Just in case you get lost along the way, here is the lineup:

The Ton

Taheerah Atchia

Mayline Jung

Kymona Tracey ←you are here

Justine Hovey

Brenda Noelke

Svitlana Shayevich

Lisa Harrolle

Laura Sterckx

Amy Tsuruta

Olga Matyushevskaya

Laurel Beard

Anna Kutsenko

Kay Miller

Vera Yates

Dana Gong

Renee Day


Ilina Crouse

Tae Eun Yoo

Amy Kolling

Eunji Jung

Janette Kausen

Supplies used:

(Thank you so much for stopping by. Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you.  The Ton  products were given to me since I’m guest designing.  The other products were personally purchased. This post was not paid or sponsored.)

Beautiful Bettas

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Creative Friends Blog Tour

Hello everyone! I’m here today to with a friend of mines from around the world.  As all of you know, my post showcase some of my creative work.  Today, I was invited to participate in a Creative Friends Blog Tour.  My fabulous friend Connie Hanks from ClickyChickCreates invited me to participate on this tour.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to share what I love and great friends who I’ve met along the way.

The idea of the tour is to answer four questions, then introduce three fellow creative bloggers who will continue the tour the following week.

I have to apologies, I was supposed to showcase 3 of my friends on this tour but 2 of my friends canceled at the last-minute.  Life, can really change our plans.  In any case, you will get to met someone who I think is awesome.  In the short time, that I’ve known her she has taught me a lot.  She may not know that, I guess she will now! LOL!

So lets dive right in!!


1. What am I working on?

Many of you know me for making cards and craft projects, but there is so much more to me then that.  At work, I run a reading group with some of my coworkers.  It’s like a book club but not so formal.  Here is how it works:

1. Everyone who participates let me know how many books they want to read for the year (January – December).  That is their goal.

2. After they complete a book, they let me know and I update the spreadsheet that is shared with everyone in the group. We work on an honesty system all done via email.

3. So currently we have 20 people in the group and everyone has different goals.  Everyone is in charge of reaching their goals.  No pressure, just accountability on my part as the facilitator.

4. At the end of the year, I give everyone who participated, a certificate.  Those that have completed their goals, will get additional prizes.

Throughout the year, I have contest and giveaways, this keeps everyone motivated.  So currently I am working on a giveaway for a couple of my coworkers who answered a question correctly.

Happy Birthday box

They are always looking for gifts for birthdays, so they can fill this box with anything.  I gave them candy in it.  Besides this, I’m working on cards for different blog challenges.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I incorporate myself into my work.  When you look at cards that I create I make sure you see a bit of me in them.  My favorite work is water-coloring.  I love it and have a niche for it.  When you see my water-coloring you will see my personality.  Take a look:

Love thisThank you for caringMade with Love Watercolor Smile Made with Love2 Happy Watercolor Have a Beautiful dayBe Your Own Kind of Beautiful helloswatch Thanks tag card

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I love creating cards.  It is so relaxing and helps me release a lot of stress.  I love the feel of paper and new tools.  I love getting new craft toys!!! I have stuff that I haven’t even used yet and I bought them months ago, lol!  I’ve always had a love for being creative.  When people get cards from me, they totally love them.  I started when my son was born, that was 16 years ago.  Things have changed since then.  I’ve done scrapbooks, cards, 3-D projects, and I can knit.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

My creating process isn’t a simple one.  I might see a new stamp, paper, or embellishment that I want to use on my next card project.  I sit at my desk and thing about how I can use the products that I selected. That might take me one-two days before I decide on what I want to do. Once I’m sitting at my desk with my idea in mind, I start to create.  If I see that the card isn’t looking the way that I want, I scrap it and start over.  This might take me from beginning to end, 4 days tops.

Cards that I make for blog challenges, the process is a bit different.   The sketch is already there for you so you just use the products you have to match the challenge.  I love how I interpret those challenges.  This takes me about 2-3 days.


Let’s Meet My Crafty Friend Elle!!

Now let me introduce my friend Elle, from the other side of the world.  She has taught me so much through her blog post and creativity.  Elle has introduce me to Weekly Wishes, creating a gratitude journal and sending parcels.

  • Elle of Hey Jayel is a tea-loving Communications graduate working as an engineer in Singapore. When not busy chasing deadlines, she like to create and can be seen at her craft corner dabbling in calligraphy, art journaling or preparing parcels for her pen pals. Head on over to her blog and see the amazing things she ‘s up too at Hey Jayel. She is awesome, leave her a comment!!

As always thank you for stopping by and learning a little bit more about who I am!!

Tell me what do you think?  Why do you write/create what you do?




When You Know Better, You Do Better Blogging!


Hello everyone, and welcome to “The What #BelleLive Taught Me Blog Tour”! You should be arriving from Jennifer Ashley’s blog. If this is your first stop you’ll want to begin at Jo Cavagnis ‘s blog so you don’t miss out on any of the fun, interesting information we are sharing.

Back on May 1 to May 3, 2014,  I took this amazing class called Build A Successful Creative Blog by April Bowles-Olin on the Creative Live Website. I have to say it was totally amazing!! I’ve learned so much from April about what I’m doing and not doing right on my blog.

I wanted to share with all of you what I learned and what I’m still working on to make my blog space fun and more creative.

What I Learned:

1. Finding my own style and voice.

Prior to this class, I was having a hard time finding my own voice and style. I thought if my blog looked liked like other bloggers that I liked, I would get the results I was looking for but that wasn’t the case.  April really taught me how to just be me. Do what makes me happy and comfortable.  She taught me to look for things that I offer that others do not.  I realized that no one but me can be me and that is what my blog offers, the authentic ME!!

2. Better visuals for my blog.

When April talked about visuals for our blogs, I was worried because my pictures were not the best at all.  They were either to dark or washed out.  I couldn’t figure it out at all.  She talked about using your own pictures.  They are more authentic than stock photos.  So, I decided to reach out to a couple of bloggers who photograph cards to see what they are doing.  I took their advise and WALA, I think my photos are sooo much better.  I still have some work to do but boy, what an improvement.  I also signed up for a photography class.

Birthday 2 Cards Before

Hello After

What a difference a lens and reading the camera manual can do!!!

3. Letting people know you exist.

This was a big lesson for me.  I learned in order for people to know I exist I need to put myself out there.  For my craft, joining challenges are a big way to promote yourself. I’ve join so many challenges and I love it!!! I’ve learned so much from others.  April also taught me to leave comments on other people blogs.   I knew this but after this class I decided to leave comments on everyone’s blog that participates in the challenge.

4. Building relationship.

This class has introduced me to a lot of talented people who love to share info and wants to see you grow.  I’m so grateful for this community.  Everyone is willing share and teach me about things I have no clue about.

5. Setting up an email newsletter and other social media platforms.

I learned why having an email newsletter is so important.  So, I want to add this to my blog. I haven’t done that yet but it’s coming shortly. Facebook is the only social media that I’m not on and want to be but I’m not sure why I have taken that step forward.  There is a fear but I’m not sure what that fear is. It will happen soon, hold me accountable.

So, this is my list of things that I really learned and took personal, so that I can improve my blog.  I hope you found this information interesting.

Like I said earlier, this class was awesome and if you want to check it out, visit Creative Live here.

The name of the class is Build A Successful Creative Blog by April Bowles-Olin.  April’s blog is called Blacksburg Belle  and you can find it here.


Please let me know what you think!