Stencil Class Day 1

I’m so excited about starting my new Stencil Class.  I’ve never stenciled before and wanted to try it on some of my cards.  Take a look at my first card.  Don’t laugh, its a start.  No matter how much tape I used to keep the stencil in place it just wouldn’t cooperate with me.  Tomorrow’s card should be better then today’s.

Stenciling 1

Let me know what you think of my first try at stenciling!


4 thoughts on “Stencil Class Day 1

  1. Wow! Is this really your first time Kymona? You did a phenomenal job! If this is what a novice does, I am scared to see when you get the hang of it! I love the card by the way!

  2. Day 1 stenciling not bad kym I appreciate you updating us with the classes you take in order to keep us involved. As your crafting develops we will be here step by step.

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