Woohoo!! I Made The Team!!

If your looking for the DoubleClick Skittles Challenge, click here.


Hello everyone!!  I have some more great news to share with all of you!!!

I’ve been holding this news for a couple of weeks now.

I was at work when I received an email from the fabulous Tessa Wise asking me if I would like to join the Waffle Flower Crafts Challenge Design Team.  I read that email a bunch of times before responding because I wanted to make sure I was reading it correctly!!

Of course I said YES!!!!!

So, I am on the Waffle Flower Crafts Challenge Design Team!!

Waffle Flower Craft Challenge Design Team Badge

Waffle Flower Crafts Blog

Jennifer Mertens

Kymona Tracey←Me

Shelly Kurth

Tenia Wilson

Tessa Wise

Can 2015 get any better then this?

This is just the beginning.  I plan on making this year my best year ever.

I hope you join me on January 12, 2015 for my first Waffle Flower Crafts Challenge!!

You will truly be amazed!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


7 thoughts on “Woohoo!! I Made The Team!!

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  2. CAn you hear me whooping and hollering with joy for you?!?!? I am just so impressed with you – you are a gal who knows how to reach for the stars!! So proud of you, girl!! I am going to try following your example and stretch out and reach for some stars as well – starting with a possible guest design gig over at DoubleClick!!! Wish you luck!!

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