Light It Up Blue For Autism Awareness Blog Hop!

Light up for Autism Awarness

Hello and welcome to the Light It Up Blue For Autism Awareness Blog Hop!

Big thanks to Veronica and Tenia for putting this hop together!!

I wanted to be apart of this amazing event because I believe so many people need to become more aware of what Autism is and how it affects family’s.

I have a cousin who has autism and he is just the sweetest kid ever!!!  His mom and sister are his caretakers and man I tell you they are amazing individuals.  There is nothing they can’t do!!  Nothing holds them back from living life to the fullest no matter what people say.  Unfortunately, we have some family members who do not understand what Autism is and they don’t really want to find out.  They aren’t evil people, its just when you are not directly affect by something its easy to disregard it.  That is why education is so important.  Getting the word out about Autism is important.  That is why I’m here!

Shout outs to you Nicky, Ashley and Tyler!!

As a Health Educator by trade, here are some interesting facts about Autism:

1. Autism affects one in every 50 schoolchildren in the United States.

2. Autism is more common then childhood cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

3. One common myth is that individuals with autism are not affectionate.  This is not true.  Although, they may be oversensitive to touch, they can and do show affection.  Tyler hugs me every time he sees me.

4. Roughly half, or 49%, of children with autism attempt to elope form safe environment, a rate nearly four times higher then their unaffected siblings.

5. Between 2009 and 2011, accidental drowning accounted for 91% total US deaths reported in children with autism subsequent to wandering.

We have so many fantastic sponsors that have shown their support for Autism Awareness and you can see the complete list here.

If you would like a chance to win a prize from one of these fabulous companies leave a comment on this blog, and any of the other blogs participating in today’s hop! Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on Monday April 6.

Now here is the card I created for today’s hop:

Love Life

It was super easy to create this card.  I used Laura Bassen’s smooching technique and a very small clear square block.

1. I started with Distress Ink Salty Ocean.

2. I added the ink to a small clear square block.  Then I spayed the block and smooched it down onto my watercolor paper.

3. I repeated those steps 9 times, changing the colors in between.  I let it sit and dry.

4. Once my squares blocks dried, I stamped my sentiment using  Winnie and Walter The Big, the Bold, and the Happy stamp in the center of my blocks.

I love how this card turned out. The sentiment says it all.  We have to learn to “Love Life” no matter what hand we are dealt.  No judging! No smirking!

What is a blog hop without a giveaway!!!

I giving away two gift baskets full of great fun!  For those of you who knows me, knows that I’m a mug giving person.  I love mugs so when I fine unique ones I love to share.  So these baskets will have a pretty mug full of Starbucks goodies!!

Here is a photo of my last mug giveaway:

Important notice:  These will not be the same mugs, I never give the same mug twice.  I didn’t have a chance to photograph today’s mugs.  This is just an idea of what your gift will look like.  I will update the photo soon.

Kreative Kymona Mug Giveaway

Mug Swap

Now that you have an idea what your gift basket will look like,  all you have to do to win is leave a comment below.  Super simple and easy.

Thanks for hopping along with us today!  I hope you had fun seeing all of great creations for today’s event and learning from each blog.

Supplies used:

Salty Ocean Distress InkMustard SeedBig Bold Happy Clear Block ACanson Watercolor Paper

Thanks for stopping by!


75 thoughts on “Light It Up Blue For Autism Awareness Blog Hop!

  1. Kymona I adore your idea toadded the ink to a small clear square block then spray it thanks for the lovely goodies but I live in Germany..dont send any mug because it will be expensive on the way to my home here…just send me your fav stamp set then I will be happy hehehe LOL
    hugs, Monika

  2. What a GREAT background ! I love it ! And yes, your sentiment says it all !
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful card !!

  3. Its funny how people find its easier to ignore someone when they don’t understand what’s going on. They just don’t realise how hurtful it is and that if they just listened and learnt a few things, they could actually have a connection with that person. I love your card, its perfect for the hop. Happy Easter!

  4. I’m popping by to say that your card is absolutely gorgeous…no worries about entering me into your giveaway, I’m already a lucky duck from the gorgeous mug you sent me for the coffee blog hop♡

  5. I loVe your sweet card. Thanks for sharing.
    Your mugs are amazing and I would loVe to be a lucky winner. fingers crossed.
    Thanks for helping to raise Autism Awareness.
    Crafty hugs,
    DesignsbyDragonfly {blogspot}

  6. Beautiful card in its lovely simplicity. Great take on the puzzle piece theme.
    Thanks for sponsoring this important hop and for the chance to win one of your lovely mug gifts!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. LOVE your card Kymona – what a FUN technique 🙂
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and being part of this AMAZING event for a great cause 🙂
    THANK YOU for sponsoring some giveaways too – I’m an Aussie, so postage would be too expensive => please don’t include me in your prize draw!!!

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