Something New – Brush Lettering

Hello everyone!!!  I’m here today sharing one of my new ventures in 2016!!

Many of you know that my one little word for 2016 is “forward”, and with that one olw I’m trying new things that will bring me forward in life.

The first thing I’ve decided to start is Brush Lettering!!!  I met Olivia on Instgram as @randomolive in 2015. After watching her on Instagram and on Periscope I knew I wanted to try brush lettering so I and brought her brush lettering practice guide from her website.  

I was so excited about it and promised her I would start and guess what I didn’t!!  My main reason for not starting was fear!!  Yes, I was afraid and I don’t know why.  I continued to watch and leave comments but still was afraid.  Then December 2015 I saw her post on a brush letter challenge for 2016 and knew this was my time, especially since I know I wanted move forward for the new year.

So I reached out to her and let her know I will participate come January 1st!  She said great.  I wondered if she believed me but it didn’t matter since I knew in my heart I was going to start!  So I bought the brush letter challenge practice sheets, printed them and prepared everything I need for January 1st.


I had everything ready for January 1st, then I thought, how can I incorporate my one little word into this brush letter.  I sent Olivia and email asking if she could create some sheets for me with my name and one little word.  Guess what, she did!!  Totally awesome of her!


I was so excited about my new sheets!!  January 1st come two days ago and I started my new journey and I have to say I love it totally.  I don’t know what I’m doing but I love learning.  If I practice everyday, I can and will master this!!

Here is a video of my first sheet for January 1st:

Nice right!!  I sped that up because it took me 10 minutes to do the first two words!!  Don’t laugh at me!!  Ok, ok, you can laugh because I am!

So yesterday was day two and I had my nieces over they wanted to join in with me.  Take a look at us attacking the word growth for January 2nd!!

FullSizeRender (37)

They were so excited to try this.  They do not know how to write in script yet so they were happy to give it a try.  The littlest one, bottom left of the picture, was upset because she couldn’t form the words correctly.  I had to tell her to take her time and just trace the letters for now.  She is 5 and finally got the hang of it!!

I’m excited about finish up this month, getting stronger every day.  Tomorrow is courage and I’m ready!! I will share my pictures here once a week so you can see my weeks worth of writings.

Thanks for stopping by!!




5 thoughts on “Something New – Brush Lettering

  1. Do they teach it in school there? I found out here, they’re not teaching it anymore, so this is exciting. I think children should learn it.

    Anyway, the script is beautiful! I love practicing handwriting skills as well!

  2. Hi Kymona ~ These are looking great! Glad to know our school district isn’t the only one NOT teaching penmanship, but how ridiculous is that?!? Kids will never know how to sign their name at this rate! Good for you…..your nieces will love you for it!

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