Guest Designing for StencilGirl + Giveaways

Hello everyone!!! I’m super doper excited to be here with all of you today: I’m Guest Designing for StencilGirl today.

stencil girl blog

Why is this so exciting because I’ve always been a clean and simple artist but since Creativation this year I’ve been so intrigued with mixed media and stencils.  I met Mary Beth Shaw while at the show and was amazed at what she shared with me.

So I bought my first stencil and my life hasn’t been the same since!!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Maria McGuire Stencil Stencilgirl


To see all 4 of my creations and to get the complete tutorial, head on over to StencilGirl blog!!  I’m also doing a giveaway of 4 projects!!  You don’t want to miss this!

I can’t wait to hear what you think of my clean and simple mixed media projects, LOL!!!!! I know it sounds pretty funny but it can be done!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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