My Overhead Table Top Tripod

Hello everyone!!  I’m here today with a tutorial on how I created my overhead table top tripod for my iPhone!!

I posted this picture:

Overhead Tripod

on Instagram the other day and everyone was totally amazed by it.  So I decided to create a little tutorial on how I made it.

Now I have to say, I was not the creator of this idea.  Sarah Shotts did a Periscope showing us how to put this overhead table top camera mount together.  She got the idea from Katie.

So props to these young ladies for sharing this idea with all of us!!!

Now let get to work!!

First you will need to go to either Home Depot, Lowes or any hardwood store that sells PVC pipes.

I went to Home Depot with my dad to buy all of the materials.

My dad and I take one

We picked up:

1 10 foot piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe

2 1/2 inch PVC Caps

3 1/2 inch PVC 90 degree Elbows (slips, on threading)

2 1/2 inch PVC Tees (slips, no threading)

1 1/4 20 x 12 bolts


15/64 Drill Bit

Now I had to cut that 10 foot pvc pipe. Home Depot lets you cut the pipe yourself.

Cutting with a saw

Here are the sizes that I cut my pipes. They are based on the size of my desk:

2 11 inch pieces

2 10 inch pieces

1 13 inch piece

1 3 inch piece

PVC pipes pieces

After those cuts I was left with long piece, so I cut other pieces. I cut some longer pieces:

1 18inch piece

1 23 inch piece

I will use these interchangeable, depending on how high or low I want my camera to sit.

Ok, now lets put the tripod together:

Overhead Tripod 1

Putting this together is super doper easy. The pieces just slid right into the elbows and the tees with ease.  You can take it apart and travel with it as well.

Now on to assembling the actual camera mount:

I took a sharpie marker and placed a dot on the inside of the second tee.

Dot in the pipe

Then I took the drill and drilled a hole where you see that red dot.

PVC pipe with screw

Then I screwed the screw into that drilled hole.

Small camera mount

I bought this mini tripod from Amazon for my iphone last year but it to small so I just unscrewed the part that holes the camera.

Mounted on the PVC

I screwed that camera mount on to the screw and here you have it!!

Super doper easy and portable!!  That is the best part!!

Overhead Tripod

What do you think? Will you build one?  I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!