Koi Watercolor Swatches

I’m back today after a couple of days off!  I’ve been working with my daughter to set up her blog.  I’m so excited about it and so is she.  She can’t wait to go live!!!  I will let all of you know when her blog goes live.

My Watercolor for Cardmarkers Online Card Class starts Monday coming and I can’t wait!  Monday, May 5th can’t come fast enough.

So in the meantime, Kristina Werner wanted us to play with all of the watercolors we have.  Our homework was to create color swatches to familiarize ourselves with the colors we have.  I have five different sets of watercolors for this class.  I want to use all of them.

My first swatch was made with my new Koi Watercolors.  It comes in a small portable case that has a removable palette inside.

Take a look:

Box and SwatchesKio Water Colors Koi Watercolor Swatches

These colors are so vibrant and pretty.  My favorite colors are numbers 15, 19 and 23!!! I used those color to create the card that is behind my swatch.  I will post that card next.

Let me know what you think.

Supplies used:

Kio WaterColorsclassiccrestsolarwhtie


9 thoughts on “Koi Watercolor Swatches

  1. I absolutely love watercolors!!! I too love the vibrancy of the Koi colors. I also like #15 and there is something about #12 that kept catching my eye, however, I am in love with the autumn hues like #’s 1, 5, 9 & 13!

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