Concord & 9th Birthday Bash Blog Hop

C9 Birthday Bash RECTANGLE

I’m so excited to be here today!!  Concord & 9th is celebrating their First Birthday on August 9th and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them.  Let me tell you why!!

I first ran into Concord & 9th on Instagram.  I was browsing through different post and ran into this post:

Concord & 9th Watercolor 1

I was instantly intrigued.  I wanted to know more about this company so I headed straight to their page.

Then I saw this post:

Concord & 9th Watercolor 2

I was sold!!  I had to follow them.  I love watercoloring and these cards were perfect.  I noticed that they were new a company and only had a couple of post so I knew this would be fun to see what they had in store for me as a follower.

Then on September 9th, one month after they opened, I received an email from Angie and was blown away!! She complimented me on my work and asked if I would like to do a guest social media post with them.  What??

ABSOLUTELY!!  I was so excited for a couple of reasons:

  1. Here it was a new company who liked my work, and
  2. They asked me to represent their brand new company.

That was big to me!!  They put their faith and trust in me to represent them. I am grateful!!

You can check out what I created here and here.

Angie and I spoke back and forth for quite sometime.  I learn some much about Concord & 9th and Angie and Greg!!  Super cool company and amazing people behind it!!

So now we are here a year later and they’ve grown in such an amazing way!! I feel honored to call them my friends!!

So here’s my way of saying thank you for a year of great releases:

Happy Birthdary Angie (C9)

Thank you Angie!!

Thank you Greg (C()

Thank you Greg!!

I decided to start with these cards for two reasons:

  1. To say Thank You, and
  2. To display my favorite stamp set of all time from Concord & 9th, the Sophisticated Script Uppercase and Sophisticated Script stamp set!!

This is my go to stamp set if I want to custom create a word sentiment that I don’t already have!!  My daughter thought these cards were so cool to make.  She wants to stamp out her name now.  LOL!!

These cards were super easy to create using Happy Hues Cards/Envelope Pack that Concord and 9th sells.

The next card is a special one for me. Take a look:

Happy Birthday (C9)

Yayyyy, Happy Birthday Concord & 9th!!

When Angie reached out to me about guest posting the Eat Cake & Celebrate Bundle was one of the stamp sets and dies that she asked me to play with.  So its only right to use this same stamp set especially since its Concord & 9th Birthday!!!

I’m not 100% sure but I believe that Angie and Greg has a love for watercolor so I created this card using distress inks for that reason.

I just couldn’t stop so I made one last card:

You've got this (C9)

I want to leave the Concord & 9th team with a little word of encouragement with some watercoloring!!

For this card I used the You’ve Got This Die and die cut a piece of watercolor paper.

I’m done now!! I hope you liked all of the cards that I created for this hop!!  Please let me know below!  I would really love to hear from you.

WAIT!!!  Don’t go yet!!  I have one more thing!!

What’s a Birthday Blog Hop without goodies!!  Well Concord & 9th have really out done themselves this go round!

Check this out:

  1. They are offering one of my readers a $20 gift card to the Concord & 9th store for leaving a comment below.  That means you have 31 chances to win.  All you have to do is leave a comment on each blog on the hop between 8/1/2016 – 8/31/2016! You can get the complete list here!
  2. If you spend $60 in the store, you will get Lots of Blots for free!!
  3. An exclusive Birthday Bling sequin mix for the first 100 orders placed at the time of the launch on August 9th at 9am MST!
  4. They will have a flash sale when they hit 9,000 Instagram followers!! Follow them here.

For more details about all of the Goodies from this amazing Birthday Bash, click here.

Don’t forget their actual birthday is August 9th, which happens to also be their release date so stay tune for more new goodies!!

Supplies used:
bundle_eat_cake_grande Sophisticated Script UpperSophisticated Script   youve_got_this_step_out_grande washes_spread_grande bundle_script_grande

Thank you so much for stopping by!!


134 thoughts on “Concord & 9th Birthday Bash Blog Hop

  1. I remember your first IG post with their product, I can’t believe that was a year ago!! Their company certainly has grown in leaps and bounds since then and its so exciting to see! All of your cards are gorgeous, especially your cards for Greg and Angie, that watercolouring is stunning!

  2. I too live watercolor. Its crazy how beautiful the simplicity of it makes a card pop. Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

  3. What thoughtful and lovely cards! I have the lower case script and love them. I’d love to add some of the spectacular flowers to my collection.

  4. I just love the watercolor background!!! I have been practicing with watercolor and just love the look! As I said on Facebook when I saw your card … Add to cart please 🙂 stamp and die set from awesome Concord and 9th!!! I love the company and everything they have created. I saw the online chat that I follow on YouTube and was I hooked :)!!!

  5. I love all your cards. I’ve been a bit skeptical about the pre=watercolor cards, but your designs sold me. Lucky you, to have been contacted by this wonderful new company!

  6. Just love all your designs. Wish we had choice of stamps like you have here in UK.Cant wait to see more designs 🙂

  7. I love the cards you created with the sophisticated script stamps …. I have just ordered the lower case set and am waiting its arrival. Can’t wait to use it!

  8. Lovely, lovely cards, and I too love Concord and 9th. Their products are so innovative and creative. Love the tree ring stamp – it’s totally original and fun!

  9. Wow! What a lot of inspiration here! I love all the watercolor, especially the bright colors with the cake! Congratulations on participating in Concord and 9th’s Birthday Bash!

  10. Kymona!!!!!!
    You want to talk about “inspired.” I love the simplicity of all the cards and am no anxious to go and water color some cards! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! TFS!

  11. Your start with them was fabulous and I adore all the cards you’ve made to day!!! The thank you’s , the birthday, your encouraging send off…each one absolutely perfect.

  12. I absolutely love the Sophisticated Script, too. I have NO talent when it comes to freehand lettering, and I love this helps me fake it 🙂

  13. I love C9 products & Sophisticated Scripts are at the top of my wish list! Both your cards are awesome! Love the watercoloring!

  14. WOW Kymona your cards are amazing. Its exciting to find a company in its infancy and follow along and watch them grow. Their products look wonderful and I look forward to acquiring some in the future. Happy 1st Birthday Concord & 9th!

  15. I can see why you liked those cards ;o)
    But yours are just awesome with those backgrounds.
    I really like the ones you made for Angie and Greg very much

  16. I love your watercolor cards! Perfect for the Sophisticated Script bundle (which I love and happen to own). Thanks for the inspiration!

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