How To Create A Gift Card Holder

Hello everyone!!  I’m on the Right At Home Blog today with a couple super cute gift card holders using the pattern paper and the stamp set in the May Stamped and Sealed Craft Box!!

Craft box

Check out what I created:

Gift card holder

To see the full tutorial, please stop on by the Right at Home Blog.  You will see the back side and what’s inside these cute envelopes!!

You don’t want to miss this!!

Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from you!

Stamp set, pattern paper, wink of stella, sequin

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Last Minute So Suzy Stamps Gift-giving Idea

Hello everyone!! I’m on So Suzy Stamps blog today sharing a last minute gift-giving idea!!

For those of you who are last minute shoppers and can’t find a gift for that special person.  I have an idea for you!


They are the easiest thing to give to someone weren’t able to get a gift for.  Now you could give them the gift card as is or you could make your own gift card holder that is easy as 1-2-3!!

Take a look at my gift card holder:

Finished (SSS)

To see the full tutorial, please head on over to So Suzy Stamps blog!! You will not be disappointed!!

If I don’t get to speak to you before Christmas, let me be the first to say Merry Christmas to all of you. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holiday to all of you!!

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Fifth Day of Gift Giving – Slider Dies

Hello everyone!!  I’m here with Your Next Stamp with this amazing series called 12 Days of Gift Giving!!


I’m super excited about this series because it forced me to look at YNS dies differently.  I’ve always had a love for packaging but rarely get to do it.

So today I have a super easy tutorial for you: Pop Up Gift Card Holder!! I learned how to create this sometime last year and Never got a chance to try it.  So why not now!!

Take a look at what we are going to make:


Gift Card Holder 1



Gift Card Holder 3

Are you ready to see how this is done! Check this out:

First: You have to cut your gift card holder base to 9-3/8 by 5.  Then you need to score it.  On the long side: 9-3/8 side, score at 2-7/8 and 7-1/16.  On the short side: 5 score 1/2 on the left side and the right side.
Score lines

Second: You have to cut down the 1/2 inch score line to the 7-1/16 score line. Leaving the bottom for the card holder.

Cut edges

Third: Then I rounded the edges of the short panel without the flaps.

Rounded edges

Fourth: Then you add strong tape to the two bottom flaps to create a pocket.


Fifth: Then you pull the tape backing off and carefully line up the side and press closed.

Closed base

Sixth: Then you have to cut a smaller card base (4-7/8 by 3-5/8) that you gift card will be attached to.

Inside piece

Seventh:  Then you have to score this to 1/2 on one side and 3-1/2 on the other side.  Then you have to round the edge on the 3-1/2 score line to match the base.

Inside score

Now take a look at both pieces before we go any further.

Side by side

Eighth: Now its time to add the ribbon.  I cut a 20in piece of ribbon and then cut that in half and taped it down on the top flap on opposite ends.


Ninth: Then I added tape to the inside panel.

Tape downside

Tenth: Once you take off the backing of the tape, you have to insert the small panel inside the base. You fold the small flap and side the panel into the base.

Insert small piece

Eleventh: Once you insert the small panel, make sure you line the small insert up with the base at the top and press down on the tape area, so that it stays.

Pieces put together

Take a look at the closed holder.


Twelfth: Then I cut the front panel to 3-3/4 by 2-1/2 out of pattern paper.  I also cut a white piece of cardstock to the same size for the backing.  Then I used YNS Slider/Spinner Die to cut a opening in the patten paper.

Slider panel

Thirteen: Then I lined my pattern paper up with the white cardstock and placed my sentiment in place to stamp.  I used the Misti to help position it.


Fourteen: Once the sentiment was stamped I placed the patten paper on top to make sure the sentiment is lined up.


Fifteen: Then I builded the slider with dimes and foam tape.

dime slider

slider building

Sixteen: Once your slider is built you can decorate it later. To add it to your white backing you need to add a lot of foam tape so it doesn’t fall in.

Foam tape

Seventeen: Then you add the panel to the front of your gift card holder.

Put together

Eighteen: Then you add your gift card to the inside panel.  I added a small strip of adhesive to the top of the gift card so that it stays in place.


Then you added what you would like to the slider for decoration.  I added an embellishment.

To keep it closed I added a piece of velcro to the flap.  Nice finish!!

Take another look:

Gift Card Holder 3

When you push it closed the panel slides down into the holder.

Sorry for the long tutorial!  I wanted to make sure you were able to create one for yourself!

Super cute!!  What do you think? Would you like a gift card holder like this one?

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